Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ain't Looking For Nothing... But A Good Time....

I'm having a birthday next week.

I've arranged to have the day off work and so has my sister.

It will be a Chyken Free Zone because boys smell he will be working.

Having sorted all those details out, we have found ourselves at a loss as to what to actually DO?

This is where you come in, dear interwebs...

What amazingly cool but not overly expensive thing can we do on Monday to celebrate?

There's a few limitations:

- It needs to be during the day, we need to be able to get there, do the thing and get back pretty much in daylight.  (Translation: Not more than about two hours drive from the NorthWest suburbs of Melbourne at the most.)
- No chocolate, my sister can't eat it.
- Nothing overly physical because I am lazy and my idea of a good time is NOT bushwalking or the like.
- No wine, because neither of us really drink it and someone will have to drive.

Please, helpful people, bring forth your suggestions!

P.S. Should you be somehow involved in some kind of wonderful establishment/business/tourist attraction that fits the bill and you would like to donate a birthday present to me I would be very happy to write about it on this here blog!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Just Couldn't Resist The Lure Of The Shaker Fries...

...so we went there tonight before going to the movies.

They're only at McDonald's for a limited time and then they will disappear and who knows how long it will take before they return.  It's best you go get some now I think...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rules For Life

(Alternative Title: "Things I Am Anal Particular About")

1. The door to the wardrobe and ensuite must be closed or I cannot sleep.

2. When having sandwiches, they must be cut into triangles, not rectangles and definitely not squares.

3. Low-salt ANYTHING is revolting, should not exist and is not allowed in the Castle.

4. If presented with sweet and savoury snack foods at the same time, I will always eat the savoury ones first.

5. Speaking of snacks, I like to eat chips from a bowl, not straight from the packet.

6. Sprite Zero is NOT the same as other brands of diet lemonade.

7. I have serious issues regarding odd socks.

8. Just because two socks are black it does NOT mean they are a pair.

9. If we are ordering Indian food I will have chicken korma.  I will not share it, so if you also want chicken korma we will need to order two.

10. All toilet paper was not created equal. 

11. Tasty cheese and tuna do not mix.  Tuna requires silver cheese.

12. Whistling is evil.

13. I like need my cutlery to match.

14. Fruit and/or Nuts do not belong in chocolate.

15. Milo is best consumed hot, Quik is best consumed cold.  I have been known to have cold Milo, but NEVER hot Quik.

16. The only fruits I like are apples and bananas.  Yes, I have tried others, but I don't like them.  It's a texture thing.

17. People who chew with their mouth open give me the shits.

18. Dried Parmesan cheese is awful and smells like vomit.  I like the fresh stuff though.

19. Tomato sauce can be eaten on everything except chicken and ham.

20. Tomato sauce is extra good on bacon.

21. Bacon is good on bacon.

22. Cold deli meats should be square whenever possible.

23. I only eat the breast meat of chicken.  And the stuffing.

24. Only idiots put sultanas in apple pie or apple crumble.  Or any dessert for that matter.

25. If we are sharing a packet of chips, or tim tams, or lollies, and you finish all yours before I do I will not share the rest of mine with you.

26. I am greatly amused by the fact that over 700 people have visited this little blog in the last week because they did a Google search for Shaker Fries.

27. The buttons that do up the doona cover must be at the foot of the bed or I cannot sleep.

So, tell me, what are you weird about?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

McDonald's Shaker Fries Are Back!!!

When I heard this rumour last night I was VERY excited!  I jumped on to Twitter and asked if it was true then I went into a movie and didn't see the replies until it was over.  I made Chyken stop at McDonald's on the way home from the cinema and get some.  Even though I had Grill'd for dinner and a San Churro hot chocolate before the movie and a choc top during the movie.

I don't think these are the same ones from my youth, I think they were spicier.  They were part of a mexican themed range called 'El Maco'.  However, these are indeed excellent!
When I expressed my joy at the triumphant return of Shaker Fries on Facebook, several people replied asking what they were.  I was appalled!  So while I was preparing mine I took some photos.  Sorry they're a bit crappy, I took them with my iPhone while Chyken was getting petrol.

So, you get this extra bag when you buy the fries.

Dump your fries in the bag...

Add the flavour sachet...

I put the whole thing in, but there are directions on the bag....

Then you shake!

And Bob's your Uncle!  Enjoy the deliciousness!

What food, fast or otherwise, from years ago do you wish they would bring back?

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post.  McDonald's have no idea who I am and no idea I've written this.  However, if you are from McDonalds and you want to sponsor me I am open to offers and my contact details can be found up the top of this page.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Noble Quest

Once upon a time, a boy went on a noble quest. He was gone for two nights and three whole days.

His fair maiden requested he bring her home a present. Well actually she requested seven presents but had to make do with five.

He chose an amazing and wonderous treat as the best present and the one he presented to her last....

But how to enjoy it?  Just as the maiden was eyeing off all manner of unsuitable implements (including a spanner) the boy disappeared into the shed.  When he returned the problem was solved!

There was bashing and there was smashing, but she got the job done.

Although the boy may look sad in this photo, he soon cheered up when the fair maiden offered to share the lollipop with him.

And they all lived happily ever after. 

And so did their dentist.

The End.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I Understand...

Dear Construction Men,

I understand it is your job, I really do, but must you do it when I am home sick?

I understand that there is gravel that must be delivered, at last count six semi-trailer loads.

I understand that there are holes that must be dug.

But do you have to be so bloody NOISY about it?

Admittedly, the cats are fascinated.  The most movement they usually see out the kitchen window is the local family of magpies.  But I'm not fascinated and neither is my headache.

I understand that you need to have a port-a-loo, but does it need to be up against my fence?

Yesterday when one of you dropped something I seriously thought the London Riots had come to my sleepy little town.  What WAS that?  It was LOUD!

You are using a very large ORANGE digger contraption.  If you can't keep out of the way of it without All.  The.  Beeping.  Then you have some serious issues with sight and perhaps hole-digging is not for you?

I understand this is just the beginning of the construction of all ten units and that this will be going on for quite a while, but is there any chance we could do a deal if I am ever as sick as I have been this week?  You could take holidays then maybe?  Or go dig holes next to someone else's Castle?



P.S. I'm a bit over the rubbish from your work site ending up in my yard, is there any chance you could use the orange monster to dig yourself a bin?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Cat Is A Weirdo

I’ve been home sick this week and have spent most of that time in bed, which meant the cats did too, as they have enjoyed being curled up with me asleep.  Sausage spent some time this morning licking the bedside lamp.  No, I don’t know why.  I also don’t have any proof of that, because I was snuggled up in the bed at the time, but I do have proof of some other mental behaviour because today I finally felt well enough to emerge from under the doona and the cats did too.

Sausage has found a new place to stalk me from…  What, you can’t see her?  I’ll zoom in…

Nutter couldn’t care less…

When I found them, Sausage was actually asleep up there, but by the time I found the camera she had woken up.

A bit later on I found her here...

Bag Cat?

See?  I told you she is a weirdo!.

What stupid things do your pets get up to?

P.S. I am going to set up a page on here with all the buttons of the blogs I read… If you are a blogger and you have a button, can you let me know (Via a comment here or on Facebook or The Twitter) so I can add yours?  Searching through everyone’s blogs on the off chance they have one is taking forever!
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