Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Naked! {Review, Invitation & GIVEAWAY!}

Relax!  It's not me Getting Naked!  And not Chyken either. 

Getting Naked Pty Ltd was founded by Tamra Mercieca.  The Dating Game is the first of a series of books and takes you under the covers to reveal the raw truth about relationships. It's designed to entertain and inspire ladies and gents to create the life they wish to lead.  You can buy the book at all good bookstores or online and even as an ebook!

Tamra bares all as she indulges in flirtatious flings and romantic rendezvous with potential suitors. Stripping back the layers this playful peach’s dating escapades turn into a journey of self-discovery, as she explores all that’s stopped her from finding true love.

She learns to see the reflection in every fanciful date, Tamra soon discovers the importance of developing a healthy and nurturing relationship with herself. No matter what the outcome of each humorous, and at times sad interaction with the male species, she is left with the thread required to stitch up her tattered ego.

I loved The Dating Game.  Even though it has been a long time since I was in 'The Dating Game' myself, I found the stories and advice in it entertaining and interesting anyway.  I can only imagine how relevant it would be if I was still 'on the scene' so to speak.

Tamra used herself as a guinea pig to write the book.  Realising the power self love and self belief have on the way we live our lives, Tamra founded Getting Naked Pty Ltd, offering online seminars and playful product lines designed to help people fill their own personal love tank, so they too could live a happy and fulfilling life.

Tamra says loving and accepting yourself completely is the key to creating a prosperous reality. ‘Self love translates into confidence. And we all know that when a person is confident, they perform better at work, interact easily with others, and never worry about judgements and criticisms form others.  Even a person’s health improves; you would never put a toxic substance into your body if you loved yourself 100%!’ 

Tamra is a life coach and can help you with ALL aspects of your life.  As well as all this she has been known to strut her stuff on stage, playing drums and winning pin-up competitions. Find out more at http://www.tamra.com.au/  You can also follow Tamra on Twitter.

The Getting Naked series of books is only part of the story.  Starting next week is a telecourse called Remarkable Relationships.  What makes 'Remarkable Relationships' stand out from the rack of other self-development courses on offer? They not only help you remove the negative beliefs (or hurdles) stopping you achieving your goals, they bring in specialist trainers to teach you the techniques required to remove them yourself! That's right. They will give you the needle and thread to stitch up any holes in your life so you can become self sufficient in reaching for the stars. 

The Dating Game is being launched with a Getting Naked Pty Ltd Festival on Wednesday.  Yes, THIS Wednesday October 12th at the Precinct Hotel in Richmond, Victoria and you're all invited!!!  Chyken and I will be there, along with Tamra (obviously) and some very special guests.

Now for the really big news!  Thanks to Getting Naked Pty Ltd we have a signed copy of The Dating Game (RRP $30)  to giveaway to one lucky Chickens and Bees reader!

All you need to do to win is:

1. Be a follower of Chickens and Bees

2. Leave a comment below telling me about your biggest dating disaster or triumph. 

3. For a bonus entry 'Like' Getting Naked on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did. 

4. For another bonus entry share this on Twitter (It would be great if you mention  Chickens and Bees and/or Tamra in the tweet, and then leave a comment so I can include you in the draw)

5. For another bonus entry share this on Facebook. (Tagging
Chickens and Bees and Getting Naked when you share it would be grand, and leave another comment so I can keep track!)

6. Make sure I have some way of contacting you so I can tell you if you win!

Entries are only open to people with an Australian postal address and entries will close next Wednesday October 19th at 5pm AEST.  I will choose a winner randomly and announce it here shortly after.

The Fine Print:
This is NOT a sponsored post, but in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I have known Tamra in the real world for a number of years, however even if I didn't I would still love this book. I approached her to arrange this giveaway and she was happy to oblige.  All opinions are my own.  If I am unable to contact the winner and/or do not hear back from them within 24 hours I reserve the right to redraw the prize.  This prize cannot be claimed as cash etc blah blah blah. Amen.  Kthxbai!

Good Luck!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic book. I never really spent much time in the dating game, which I think I am a bit glad about. Don't plan on ever returning there either. I guess my biggest dating triumph would be hubs :)

  2. self love, it is just so important and also the ability to reflect. The book sounds excellent.

    I am at a loss to think of anything dating related at the moment. Ahhh actually I met a new guy and it was about 10.30 at night he dropped me home and I thought my parents were still up so I invited him in but they were reading in bed, so in my immaturity I took him into my parents bedroom to introduce him! CRINGE!!!!!!!! Bruce and Fran were SO NOT OK with that!

  3. Actually i kind of missed the whole dating scene all together, sad really.
    The book sounds wildly entertaining and informative though :)

  4. Like everyone else i never really got into the whole dating thing.

    Sounds like a very interesting book. x

  5. I only remember once going on an actual date with a guy I barely knew. It was good fun, until he called me every day afterwards, and I wasn't that interested. Then I ran into the shops, failed at trying to avoid him, and he never took the hint, called me that night and asked me to be his girlfriend.
    I felt terrible for letting him down.

    If it was a creativity answer, Gemma should totally win! How funny was that!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  6. My love life is a joke in it's own right!
    I'm not sure if you'd call it a dating disaster but the weirdest date I ever had....walking along the road, see a guy in a sports car drive past in the opposite direction, soon he's walking beside me talking, seems OK so I agree to have a coffee with him. Well, we sat down discovered we were opposites, I like bushwalking, he hated bushwalking but loved mountain bike riding, me-at that point told him how I hated bike riding after doing a weekend bike trip at school. This guy, not sure if he thought the back and forth was going so superwell he'd give it a try or he was just looking for something we could have in common but at that point (5 mins into our coffee date) asked me "do you like sex". A little dumb founded I replied you can't ask that his response "Why not? I like sex, lots of sex." Yes he was serious and as you can imagine I was all hot and we got a room....no, not really, seriously did you believe that! I liked his honesty but I value things other than sex more in a relationship so needless to say there was no second date.

  7. the biggest diaster will have to be the birthday dinner im suppose to prepare for my date! i burnt the roast, the cake looks horrible, the icing way too sweet and the list goes on and on..but well after that i am determined to be a better cook!!

    have follwed your blog as sly

  8. have like gettin naked on fb

    as Yvonne Lim

  9. shared on twitter too (sisilingling)

  10. alright done all! shared on fb too
    under Yvonne Lim=)

    can contact me at either yvonne_89@hotmail.com or y.vonne@live.com.sg
    that is if i win!hhahax, waiting for you email=D


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