Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Cadbury...

This is a letter I sent to Cadbury back in 2009, long before I had a blog to vent on.  I've also included their reply.  

To whom it may concern,

I wish to make a complaint.

I am a long time lover of Cadbury Snack. Recently you have made the block smaller, so I don't get as much for my money, but that is not my main problem. My problem lies with the new 'shapes' of the pieces. It used to be that the pineapple was shaped like a pineapple, and the strawberry like a strawberry etc, but now it is a square with a picture of the flavour on it. I'm not totally opposed to change, especially if it is for the better, but this is NOT better!

I'm not sure if it is because the chocolate is thinner or what, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to break up the pieces without cracking the shell and ending up with the filling all over my hands. This makes it very difficult to share the snack. The only alternative is to bite off a bit at a time, and then the flavours get all mixed up. I like to eat them separately, saving the Turkish Delight for last. (While I'm here, why is it shaped like a shell and not like a turkey???)

Please can you either go back to the old snack, or adapt this new one so I can break it up and share it with my family.?

Yours Sincerely,


The next day I got this underwhelming reply...

Mrs Carrick,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our products.
Cadbury has been making great brands that people love for more than 200
years. We are committed to listening to consumers and providing products
that meet the demands and tastes of each market.

Because our Marketing Department researches products before launching to
ensure consumer acceptance, we were disappointed to receive your comments.
We have however, forwarded your comments onto our Marketing Personnel for
their consideration.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards

Consumer Services

What?  No free stuff?  Not even a voucher?  For shame, Cadbury, for shame.


  1. When they first downsized I complained. They called back, very apologetic saying something along the lines of "we had the choice of raising the cost of the block to almost $5, or to follow suit with other block brands and go smaller. We promise prices will drop accordingly."
    Prices did drop. For about 10 minutes, then went straight back to where they were for the larger size blocks.
    And even though I made my displeasure very clear, and said they were using deceptive and thievery practices, I got no free stuff either.

    They don't love us :(

  2. Haha! That is a particularly underwhelming reply!!!

  3. Yeah they could have at least sent some free chocolate!

    Bonus points though for a speedy reply. A lot of companies don't bother.

    And why is Turkish Delight shaped like a shell? My favourite is the strawberry. Mmmm

  4. Oh I hate it when you try to break up the pieces they all crack in your hands!

  5. Pretty lack lustre reply. Reeks of form letter to me.

    The turkish delight should be the shape of a rose for the rosewater.

  6. After 4 years of IVF and breastfeeding it was around the same time that I too sent a complaint about the Snack. It was so disappointing to be dreaming of eating t and then when I could not only had they ruined the shapes but they had changed to Cadbury recipe!!!

    I also got no freebies, but they did admit the error of their ways and told me the dates on the packs to look for for the return of the old recipe. It seems they thought they were doing us a favour using vege oil instead of cocoa butter and making the blocks smaller. So nice of them to be looking out for us, dontcha think? Bleh!

  7. Such a lacklustre typical corporate reply!! That would have been underwhelming to receive...
    Free Choc all the way.. how disappointing!! What is with that!

  8. I wonder if Tracey still has a job in consumer services...

    Really, for a huge company, that's the best they could do? Don't they know you should never piss off a chocoholic??


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