Monday, July 18, 2011

An Update... Kinda....

So, I promised to let you know what the response was to my letter to Reading Cinemas.  I have had half a response. 

They called me the day I sent the email, and it was the same guy that was so rude initially!  He was eating some serious humble pie though.  He apologised profusely for everything. 

He tried to tell me that they had a very busy day (Hello!  Harry Potter was opening, of COURSE it was going to be busy, did you think to roster extra staff on??) and that normally things weren't like that.  I accepted his apology, because I think he was somewhat sincere.

He also said that he would be in touch with me to organise some free tickets so we could go back and hopefully have a good experience.  So far I am still waiting. 

I'm a pretty impatient person.  How long do you think I should wait?


  1. At least they bothered to get back to you Jo. With the way Aus. Post is around here I would give it a few days and thn follow up with them.

  2. I probably should have clarified, they only have my phone number and email address, not a postal one... He called when I was driving and I didn't think to give him an address. No one has contacted me via either of those methods...


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